Field Set-Up

All fields are set-up by KYSLL, coaches are NOT responsible for setting up the fields for games.

If you are the last game on the field for the day the home team coach is responsible for the following:

  • Picking up the bases and placing in field box.
  • Ensuring both dugouts have any garbage picked up.
  • Taking down sponsor banner and placing in field box.
  • Ensuring field box is locked.
  • Raking out the home plate and pitchers mound areas.


Our league follows the official Little League Rule Book, each head coach should have been issued a copy, if you do not have one please contact the league and they will get you one.

In additional to the Little League Rule Book our district has established supplemental rules for each division, please familiarize yourself with these for your division.

Spring Supplemental Rules


  • If there are any questions about these rules please contact our league president at [email protected].

Player Pool

A player pool is available for teams that are unable to field enough players for a game. The player pool is formed from existing regular season teams created with players that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game within their respective divisions.

How Does It Work

If your team is in need of additional player(s) in order to field a team for a game you need to contact the player agent at least 24 hours before the game. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following.

  • Your Team Name
  • Your Game Date and Time
  • Number Of Players Needed for the game

The player agent contacts the individuals in the pool to see who can play, players are assigned from the pool randomly and specific players cannot be requested.

You will be notified by e-mail at least 3 hours before your game if players were found and who was assigned. This gives you plenty of time to let the other team know in case we cannot get enough players from the pool.

NOTE: It is highly encouraged that a team have at least 1 above the minimum to play a game, for example Minor A requires 7 players, it is encouraged that you have 8 players available in case of injury or other issues like a no show. If a player gets hurt during the game and you fall below the minimum you forfeit the game.

Game Rules

A player assigned from the pool CANNOT pitch and must meet the mandatory minimum play rules for a game.


Rain Outs and Reschedules

In case of inclement weather KYSLL Field Coordinator will notify the KYSLL President at least 2 hours before game start time if the fields cannot be played on due to conditions.

If the game is cancelled the president will then contact the Home Team Manager to notify them that their game has been canceled. It is the responsibility of the Home Team Manager to notify the visiting team that the game has been canceled. All managers should have the manager contact list, if you do not have it please e-mail the league president.

The KYSLL President will notify any umpires of the cancellation, team managers do not need to do this.

It is the responsibility of the Home Team Manager to work with the Visiting Team Manager to reschedule the game. The Home Team Manager should review the schedule to ensure no other games are scheduled on their potential make-up date.

All league coaching contact information can be found on the League Admin Website.

Once a new date has been determined the Home Team Manager must e-mail the KYSLL president and provide the following information:
  • Date and Time of Game being rescheduled.
  • New Date and Time of game.

The KYSLL President will update the Little League District Schedule site as well as the schedule on the KYSLL website. At least 24 hours notice should be given so an umpire can be reserved (Minor A and up) and fields can be set-up.

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