Fall Practices

All teams can begin practicing at either John Stewart. 

A few important notes about field availability for practices:

  1. Scheduled games have priority over practices, so please review the game schedule prior to scheduling a practice with your team.

I highly suggest you use the scheduling feature on your team page to schedule practices. All the blackout dates and game are in the system and you will see if a field is not available during that time for practice.

Each field has a field box has a set of bases along with a batting tee with a combination lock, you should have the code if not please contact Matt Fleshman for the code. 

You are free to use them for your practice just be sure to lock everything up at the end of practice, also please rake the batters box and pitchers mound areas with the field rake if you used them during your practice.

Also you are not restricted to practicing at these locations, you can practice at other fields but please keep in mind that we do not have priority and other leagues like Elburn Baseball may have priority over us for those fields.

Scheduling Practices

Our website currently integrates with the Team Manager mobile application.

All practices should be scheduled using the website, this is important as the website controls field availability based on scheduled games, practices and predefined black out dates. If you do not enter it in the website then other teams do not know you have the field for a practice and there may be a game already during that time. 

Schedule A Practice

  1. Go to your Team Home Page, this can be accessed from the menu Team Central -> Team Directory
  2. Select Team Home for your team.
  3. Select the Calendar tab, this displays all scheduled games and practices for your team.
  4. Click the Create Event button, then choose practice option.
  5. Enter you practice information, if a field is not available for practice it will not be displayed in the Location Name drop-down.
  6. Your coaches are e-mailed when a practice is scheduled, you can also notify parents by checking the appropriate box.
  7. Your practice is now scheduled for your team, it is suggested to repeat the steps for all other known practices before proceeding.

Field Usage Rules

Please follow these rules when using the fields for practice.

  1. We have limited space and two teams can practice on each field, please share the space we have.
  2. DO NOT practice on the infields if they are muddy or in no condition due to weather. We use these fields for games as well and it makes it harder to set them up.
  3. You are free to use the bases and equipment in the field box for your practice, just please remember to lock them up after practice.
  4. Rake the home plate and pitching mound areas after your practice if you used them, this helps the next team that may practice or for setting up the fields for the next game.
  5. Make sure you and your team clean-up after your selves. We do not own these fields and other organizations use them. BE RESPECTFUL.

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