What equipment or apparel does my player need?


As part of the Spring/Summer season each player will receive a full uniform which includes softball pants, socks, belt and jersey. During the fall season each player will only receive a jersey.

Softball cleats are not required to play but are recommended, metal cleats are not allowed so be sure to check when purchasing.


The only equipment your player needs is a softball glove, each team will have a set of team helmets and bats that can be shared by players that don't have their own. Many players also get their own helmet but again this is not required.

Play It Again Sports is a great place to purchase equipment especially for first time players and is highly recommended. They have a variety of used gloves, bats and helmets.

See below for bat and glove buying information.

What size glove does my player need?

This can be difficult but is a very important part of softball for the player's development and safety.  Too small or too large and this makes it difficult to learn and enjoy the game. Here are some general guidelines.

  1. It is HIGHLY recommended to buy a used glove for a beginner player, a used glove is already broken in. New gloves need time to break in and are harder for players to use especially for those that are younger. Consider purchasing a used glove from a retailer like Play It Again Sports or on E-bay. These gloves are already broken in and will be easier for your player to use.
  2. Do not purchase a larger glove planning to grow into it as it will be difficult for the player to use.
  3. Ensure the glove has an adjustable wrist strap to allow the glove to be tightened (most gloves have these)
  4. If buying a glove online purchase from a retailer that has free return policy, this way you can order a few gloves and return any that don't fit well.
  5. Avoid purchasing the small plastic t-ball gloves, they are hard to use for young players and are too small for the softball.

Additional information on recommended glove size can be found in this Softball Glove Buying Guide.

A general guideline on size would be to get a glove between 10.5 and 11.5 for younger players, avoid purchasing positional based gloves (.e.g. first base glove) for young players as they need a standard glove.

What size bat does my player need?

Little League has the following requirement for bats:

The bat shall be no more than 33 inches (34 inches for Junior/Senior) in length, not more than two and one-quarter (2-1/4) inches in diameter, and if wood, not less than fifteen-sixteenth (15/16) inches in diameter (7/8 inch for bats less than 30 inches) at its smallest part. Non-wood bats shall be printed with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.20. 

The majority of bats sold in retail stores meet these requirements but you should confirm prior to purchasing.

Here is a helpful link to a bat sizing guide.

Bat Buying Guide

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