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The All Star tournament gives our league the opportunity to enter a team from each division in the All Star tournament. This team competes against other teams from our district and has the opportunity to play in a State Championship for Minors and all the way to the Little League World Series for Majors and up.

Each level of play can have one All-Star team with a maximum roster size of 14. In forming All Star teams KYSLL has the following goals:


  • Have as much participation as possible.
  • Have representation from each team within that division. 
  • Select the players that best represent our league in competition and character.


Tournament Dates

The actual dates of the District tournament vary each year but are usually end of June for Majors division and up and the week after 4th of July for Minors. This table lists the dates and league hosting the games for 2017.

DivisionDistrictStateRegionalWorld Series
Minor A7/8 to 7/13
Elgin Classic
7/21 to 7/27
District 10
Majors6/26 to 6/30 and 7/5 to 7/6
Northwest and Elgin National
7/15 to 7/20
South Elgin
7/24 to 7/298/9 to 8/16
Portaland, OR

More details of the tournament can be found on our District Website.


Player Requirements

To participate in All Stars the following player requirements must be met:


  • Player must be available for games for both the District and State levels of play. See dates above.
  • Player should be available for All Star practices, this is a two to three week period prior to the first District All Star game.
  • Player should be available for All Star tryouts, dates dependent on division of play:
    • Majors : June 11th 6 PM at Lions Park Field 2
    • Minors : June 17th 9 AM at Lions Park Field 2
  • Player must have played in at least 60% of the scheduled games.
  • Parents must be able to provide the necessary Player Verification documentation which includes original birth certificate as well as proof of residency by June 21st. See below for details of these requirements.


There is an additional uniform cost between $25 and $30 to cover the cost of the All Star uniform which includes jersey, belt and socks.

Player Verification

To participate in All Stars the player must provide documentation to verify their age and residency. Below outlines these requirements for New (those that have never played All Stars for KYSLL) and Returning players.

New Player Verification

The following is for those players that have NEVER participated in All Stars with KYSLL.

In order to participate in the All Star Tournament we need to submit tournament player verification for each player participating. This is for age verification and for proof of residency. The following needs to be provided for your player:


  • A completed tournament player verification form.  Download the Player Verification Form.
  • Certified birth certificate, they will not accept a copy.
  • Three different forms for proof of residency, these are listed on the tournament verification form. These CAN be copies and DO NOT have to be originals.

IMPORTANT: The proof of residency documents must be dated between February 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017. You cannot use any recent dated paperwork.  The three forms also must be of different types as listed on the verification form, you cannot submit two utility bills as that would only qualify for one form of verification.

All personal information on the residency documents can be blacked out, like account numbers and such, the only information they are looking for is the date, name and address.

The manager from each All Star team will use the paperwork to verify the players eligibility at the verification process in late June, a copy of the birth certificate will be made after this process and the original will be returned to you.

The remainder of the documentation will be placed in a binder and brought to each game of the tournament, after the tournament the residency documents can be returned to you if you request them.

All documents must be provided no later than Wednesday June 21st.

Returning Player Verification

If you have participated in All Stars with KYSLL in the past two years (2015 or 2016) you do not need to provide any player verification documentation as we can use what was provided to us in those years.


Majors All Stars

Welcome to the 2017 Majors All Stars, please review the All Star Information Page if you have not done so.

The following are the 2017 Majors All Stars. 

  • Emma Trainor
  • Isabella Fleshman
  • Kyra Johnson
  • Lauren Andrews
  • Lyla Christakes
  • Mia Pernice
  • Molly Nemechek
  • Morgan Haywood
  • Mya McIntire
  • Ocean-Emma Ashton
  • Rachel Hukle
  • Rigley Jendruczek
  • Samantha Dennis
  • Sammy Dunne

The head coach of the All Star team is Roy Dennis. His cell phone number is 847-377-9544.

As the tournament progresses scores and schedule can be found on our District Website.

Team Formations

This process is designed to be as fair as possible in forming the teams and following the goals of All Star play set above. Teams are formed using the following rules and requirements:

  • An e-mail is sent out to parents of all qualifying participants to find out who would like to participate in All Stars.
  • This establishes the pool of players that want and can participate. If the pool of players is larger than the maximum roster size a tryout will be held to evaluate the players.
  • The tryout will be overseen by the coaching coordinator. Existing head coaches and assistants will assist in the tryout.
  • Once tryouts are completed the president, coaching coordinator, player agent and existing head coaches for the division will meet to assemble the team based on the result of the tryouts and input from the coaches.
  • Once the teams have been finalized the roster will be posted on the league website.
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