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Auxiliary Board Positions

Auxiliary board positions are more involved with the day to day operations of the league.

Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for organizing and planning various league events under the direction of the Board.


  • Works in conjunction with the Executive Board in coordinating and planning picture day.
  • Responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing Field Day events in coordination with Fields and Facilities Coordinator.
  • Works in conjunction with the Executive Board in coordinating, planning and directing the end of season (Spring) Thank You party hosted by the League.

Umpire Coordinator

The umpire coodinator is responsible for coordinating all umpire needs for all home games for spring and fall seasons.


  • Responsible for the hiring umpires for both spring and fall seasons.
  • Coordinates with the Vice President to schedule all necessary umpires.
  • Coordinates with the Vice President to schedule training clinics needed for umpires.
  • Responsible for maintaining a roster of all umpires available for league games and assign umpires to games in all necessary divisions.
  • Manages the pool of umpires and communicates the schedule, as well as handling any scheduling changes.
  • Coordinates with the Vice President and Equipment Coordinator to ensure umpiring equipment is provided at necessary fields and is up to date.

Fields and Facilities Coordinator

The Fields and Facilities Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all softball field usage as well as any indoor facilities required for other programs and indoor practices.


  • Coordinates all scheduling of field use for games and practices with Local Field Coordinators.
  • Works with Special Events Coordinator to secure any facilities needed for various events.
  • Responsible for coordinating facilities for indoor practices and events.
  • Works with Equipment Coordinator to ensure any field equipment is maintained.
  • Coordinates with Local Field Coordinators to ensure proper scheduling of field maintenance and set-up.

Sponsorship Coordinator

The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for maintaining managing sponsor relationships for the league.


  • Maintains and develops with the assistant of the board the various sponsorship levels.
  • Coordinates the solicitation of local sponsorship's to support league operations.
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer to make sure that all sponsorship monies are received.
  • Coordinates with the Uniform Coordinator to ensure correct team colors and sponsorship logos are used for team sponsor materials.
  • Coordinates with the information officer to ensure sponsorship's are published on league web site and through other public communications.

Fundraising Coordinator

he Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for managing all fundraising activities for the league.


  • Responsible for determining fundraising needs each year by coordinating with the Board on budget needs.
  • Responsible for the coordinating, planning and directing of all fundraising activities.
  • Coordinates with all other board members, league commissioners, managers, on all fundraising activities.
  • Responsible for soliciting various fundraising ideas and organizing such activities.

Coaching Coordinator

The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all programs and development opportunities relating to managers, coaches and players in the league.


  • Represent Coaches and Managers in the League
  • Serve as the contact person for the league's manager-coach training program.
  • Develop and coordinate training curriculum and approach at all levels in coordination with the Board.
  • Develop, order and distribute training materials to players, coaches and managers
  • Coordinate League clinics as necessary.
  • Prime contact with High School Varsity/Junior Varsity, Middle School and Travel coaches.
  • Responsible for Monitoring and evaluating the development and progress of all managers and coaches in the League. Diligently works to continually teach managers and coaches correct basic player skills, as well as managerial skills.
  • Institutes and updates all printed development vehicles, such as manuals, flyers, internet correspondence, etc. Responsible for making information available to all managers, coaches and players as appropriate.

Uniform Coordinator

The Uniform Coordinator is responsible for all team uniform needs.


  • Coordinates with the Board to determine uniform needs.
  • Responsible for researching uniform vendors and options based on the needs and budget as determined by the board.
  • Responsible for ordering and distributing all uniforms for players and managers, including the regular season and all-star tournaments.
  • Coordinates with the Board to ensure proper colors, names and numbers are used for all uniforms.
  • Coordinates with the sponsorship officer to ensure correct team sponsorship information is used if applicable.
  • Coordinates with team coaches to resolve any uniform issues after distribution, for example size issues, etc.

Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for managing and maintaining all league equipment (excluding uniforms).


  • Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all player equipment and storage in the leagues equipment shed.
  • Maintains an electronic inventory of all equipment in each bag to ensure that all equipment is returned and that equipment which has exceeded its life expectancy is replaced.
  • Inspects all equipment, removed damaged, worn, or unsafe equipment, and replaces with new equipment and orders new equipment if necessary.
  • Prepares all equipment bags for distribution each new season.
  • Coordinates with the vice president to make sure that all equipment bags are distributed to managers at the beginning of each season.
  • Works with the Safety Agent to ensure that each equipment bag has an appropriate First Aid kit. 
  • Point of contact for team managers in the event that equipment needs to be replaced during the season.
  • Coordinates with the Vice President to receive all equipment bags back from the managers at the end of each season.
  • Cleans equipment bags and equipment at the end of each season.
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